Pastoral Council            

The OLPH Pastoral Council is a representative body whose members are called forth by the parishioners through a discernment process. The members of the council serve a four year term and membership is staggered every two years to insure continuity in the ministry of the council. The role of the pastoral council is to enhance the quality and spirituality of parish life based upon the Parish Mission Statement. While the pastor bears the ultimate responsibility and authority within the parish, there is a shared leadership between the pastor and the council that calls forth the gifts of visioning, planning, empowering, and evaluating the overall spiritual life, ministerial growth and temporal needs of the parish. At the beginning of each meeting is The Parishioner Forum. This is the opportunity for any parishioner to come before the council to share needs, ideas, concerns, etc. The pastoral council meets the second Tuesday of the month (September-June) at 7pm in the pastoral center.

Finance Board

According to Canon Law and the Archdiocese of San Antonio, each parish must have a Finance Board, made up of 3-5 members of the parish. All members are appointed by the pastor for a term of office no longer than 5 years. They are persons with knowledge in business management, planning and budget. The Finance Board is an advisory group to the pastor in matters of major commitment of parish funds, investment funds, budgeting and capital improvements.

Liturgy Committee 

The Liturgy Committee consists of the coordinators of all the liturgical ministries. This committee meets as needed to learn and share insights with one another about liturgy and to prayerfully reflect on importance of inspiring liturgical celebrations. The Liturgy Committee discusses issues as they arise in regards to the logistics or the integrity and flow of the liturgy.

Building Board

The Building Board is an advisory group that provides professional and technical advice regarding building and development projects for the parish. Members on the Building Board are appointed by the pastor for a term of office no longer than 5 years.

Stewardship Committee        

The Stewardship Committee represents all areas of parish life with its focus  on the virtues of Hospitality, Spirituality, and Stewardship. The role of the Committee is to nurture and enhance stewardship efforts in the parish by being creative and looking toward long-range planning; to provide support and encouragement for a steward’s lifestyle by communicating the spiritual and theological message of stewardship to the parish community; and to give direction to the community for utilizing people’s time, talent, and treasure in response to our baptismal call to build the Kingdom of God.