Liturgical Ministries

Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament

Mike & Viola Weaver, 385.3736
Mary Van Sciver, 659.6782

Eucharistic Adoration is the prayer of worshiping God as he is present in the consecrated Eucharist. All Catholics are encouraged to spend time with Christ in adoration: to give thanks and praise, to pray for special intentions, to lay our burdens at his feet, to sit quietly and just rest in his presence. All people are welcomed to spend time in Adoration of Christ at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, located north of the main church entrance. This “Sacrament of Love” is available and open to all Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm and Saturday, 8am-Noon, except when there is a liturgical service in the Church and all major holidays.


Altar Servers

Joe Barrón, 210.659.8969

The Altar Server Ministry involves the youth of the parish in service to God and the community by assisting the priest during Mass and other services. It is open to all youth of the parish who have made their First Communion. Any youth whose parents believe are ready and responsible enough to be trained and to serve as an altar server, please contact the Altar Server Coordinator directly or through the parish office. Training is provided throughout the year, depending on need. Schedules are E-mailed quarterly.

Prerequisites for becoming an Altar Server are as follows: made First Communion and be in the 4th grade.

Art & Environment Ministry

Sherri Seidel, 210.316.6826
Diana Heimer, 210.945.8385

The A&E Ministry meets seasonally to discuss and plan the decorating of the sanctuary throughout the liturgical year. Committee members decorate and adorn the church to enhance the liturgical seasons during the year. Meeting times vary based on the liturgical seasons. Individuals need artistic talents, creativity, engineering skills, design skills, or just willing to lend a helping hand. In other words, everyone is welcome.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Darcelle Zentil, 210.659.7371

The Children’s Liturgy of the Word ministry provides a caring community for children ages 3-10 to hear God’s Word at a level appropriate to their understanding. During the 8am Sunday Mass, the children are called forward for a short greeting or prayer. They process to the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, where they celebrate the Liturgy of the Word using a children’s lectionary. In addition to listening to two of the readings, they participate in a Responsorial Psalm and hear a short lesson explaining the daily readings. Children are dismissed to return to their families as the congregation prays the Prayers of the Faithful. As they leave, they collect a handout and a small trinket to remind them of the lesson.

Church Cleaning

Tess Jackson

Each Saturday morning from 8-9am, four or five parishioners volunteer to help clean the glass doors in the church, arrange missals and hymnals, dust statues, and give the church a light cleaning. If you have an extra hour on Saturday morning and would like to help, please volunteer for this ministry. This ministry is coordinated through St. Ann’s Society.

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Deborah McHaney 210.387.8608

Devotions on Wednesdays, 3 p.m. in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel

All people are welcome to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy which is Jesus’ invitation to worship him and intercede for one another. This devotion is a way of living with complete trust in a loving, merciful, and good God the Father who always knows what is best for us.  It can help lead us to transformation in his love and mercy that can then overflow to others by 1) deeds, 2) words, and 3) prayers.

Divine Mercy Cenacle

Deborah McHaney 210.387.8608

2nd & 4th Wednesdays, 1:45-2:50pm 

Divine Mercy Cenacle is a lay outreach ministry of the Apostolate of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception in Stockbridge, MA. This guided study program focuses on the message of Divine Mercy as found in Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and St. Faustina’s Diary.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Rita & Tom Minkley, 210.650.3467

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion serve at the Table of the Lord assisting the priests and deacons in the distribution of the Eucharist.  It is the desire of this parish that everyone who approaches the table be able to receive both the Body and the Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ. To accomplish this task a significant number of extraordinary ministers are needed every weekend and on each Holy Day. Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion receive formation in the spirituality of the ministry, an overview of Catholic teaching on the Eucharist, and training in the specifics of the ministry in liturgical celebrations in our parish. All hospital and homebound ministers must be trained and certified as Eucharistic Ministers. Training is held periodically throughout the year.

Family Rosary Prayer

Isaac Hernandez, 210.378.2895
Saturday mornings, 7:30am, Courtyard in front of the Statue of Our Lady

Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, all ages are invited to join in praying the Rosary in the courtyard in front of the statue of Our Lady. Entire families come and pray together for their needs, our parish’s needs, and the needs of the world.

Lector Ministry

Kerry Ledford, 210.656.1873

Ministers of the Word are a very important part of the Mass. Lectors do not “read,” but “proclaim” God’s Word to his holy people. Those interested in this special ministry will receive instruction and training in the Proclamation of the Word. All parishioners who have received the sacrament of confirmation are invited to join this ministry.

Music Ministry

Melissa Durham 210.849.8743

The Music Ministry is open to individuals who want to use their musical training and talents, either vocal or instrumental, in worship with the community. Members participate in the regular liturgies, as well as special services and events. There are no formal auditions for any of the choirs. Simply contact the Music Ministry Director of the choir of interest. Weekly rehearsals are scheduled and are published in the bulletin. Short rehearsals are also held prior to each of the liturgies and special occasions. Click here for specific choir information.

Nursery Ministry

Diana Welch, 210.260.1215

Your family will find the Sunday nursery a comfortable and secure place for your children. This experience is the beginning of your children understanding that they belong to a parish family who knows and cares about them. Childcare is provided by the parish during the 8am, 10am, & 12pm Sunday Masses in the Child Development Center for children 18 months-3 years of age.


Our Catholic faith is not celebrated in some kind of neutral context.  It is celebrated by people in the signs, symbols, gestures of their reality.  Faith and its values find expression in the culture and traditions of people.  Hispanic families celebrate the fifteenth birthday of their child.  The young person is called Quinceañera, if a girl, Quinceañero, if a boy.  Celebrating quince anos offers an opportunity to the family to bring forward the life of faith and it’s meaning in their family.  The young person is invited to celebrate this rite of passage from childhood to adulthood with a special Mass.  Please contact the parish regarding the requirements and process of preparing for this religious and cultural celebration.

Quinceañera Requirements:

  • Please contact Sr. Leonita, 210.651.6913 x104 or, a minimum of six months prior to the expected date of the Quinceañera Mass.
  • The candidtate is required to turn in a copy of baptismal certificate and First Eucharist certificate; be enrolled in and attending RE classes either at OLPH or their registered parish
  • Attend a Quinceañera retreat at OLPH


  • $200 for contributing parishioners
  • $250 for non-contributing parishioners
  • $300 for non-parishioners
  • $75 deposit is requried to hold the date and time of your ceremony
  • Cost for music and honorarium for the priest are separate costs

Ana McBride, 210.267.8709

This ministry is important in the orchestration and coordination of Liturgical and Sacramental Services/Events in the Church. The Sacristan insures everything is in place and that there are enough ministers to effectively celebrate the Mass and/or service. Duties include ordering liturgical supplies, opening and closing the church, supervising the ushers, selecting families to bring up the gifts during offertory and ensuring the priest and deacon have everything they need to minister to God’s people.

Spirit of the Lord Charismatic Prayer Group

Karen Adams, 512.757.7333
First four Fridays of the month, 7:15-9pm

The prayer group helps foster the dynamic grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5) which opens us to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and the love of the Father. We invite all parishioners to experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit which leads to personal holiness, renewed Catholic life, and evangelization. Join us in lifting our hearts to God in praise, listening to the Word of God, interceding for others in prayer, and praying over those in need.  If you are  looking for a personal encounter with the living God, attend  the prayer group meeting…God always does!


Mac McBride: 

The Usher/Greeter Ministry is a rewarding and gracious activity for those who serve. As the initial point of contact for people entering the church, the usher/greeter sets the tone for the liturgy with their welcoming smile and greeting. This ministry is comprised of adults and youth who serve with their parents to provide this valuable service to the community. Some of their primary responsibilities include: Welcoming people as they enter the church; Assisting parishioners with seating;Receiving offertory collections;Advising Eucharistic Ministers if someone needs to be served communion in their pew;Assisting with emergency needs during Mass;Distributing bulletins after Mass.