Any Christian who takes their relationship with Christ seriously must take time periodically for quiet reflection, renewal, and focused time with the Lord. Specific information about retreats will be published in the weekly bulletin. Retreat opportunities include:

ACTS Retreats:

ACTS is an acronym for Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service. These four themes are the main focus of the ACTS Retreat Weekends.

Retreat Dates:

Women ACTS:

May 9th-12th 2019


October 24th-27th 2019

Couples Prayer Retreat

ESCAPE: Enriching, Spiritual, Caring, Prayerful Experience. Designed for married couples wanting to experience God’s presence in their marriage. The couple’s retreat can rekindle your love commitment to one another and to your God. This retreat is held annually at Mo-Ranch, in the beautiful hill country. This retreat experience is for a maximum of 20 couples.

Retreat Date:

March 1st-3rd 2019

Senior Blessings: a Spiritual Retreat for Senior Citizens         

         The Senior Blessings retreat is a spiritual retreat for persons 60 years old and older. This retreat will provide opportunities for spiritual renewal through liturgy and talks, as well as large and small group discussions on topics of significant interest to seniors. There will be ample time for private prayer and personal reflection. Retreatants will explore ways to turn the losses and limitations caused by aging into spiritual gains, recognize and embrace the blessings of “elderhood”, and continue to grow spiritually throughout their senior years.

Retreat Date:

March 18th-20th 2019