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Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School

OLPH SchoolThe Mission of OLPH School is to fulfill the educational ministry of the Catholic Church in our community. The school exists to provide quality education and Christian formation of the whole person by encouraging development of each student's talents in the service of God and others.

OLPH School is an extension of the family. Because parents are the primary educators of their children, we recognize that the school alone cannot attain the total development of the child. We strive to assist parents in fulfilling their responsibilities and consider ourselves partners in the education of the whole child - spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Following the example of Jesus' love for the young, we strive to teach as He did and to develop each student's abilities and talents. Students are encouraged to become knowledgeable and creative in the 3 R's of academics (reading, writing, and arithmetic), as well as the 3 R's of Christian attitudes and values (religion, respect, and responsibility).

By striving to teach and instill Christ-like attitudes and values, our goal is that each student will be able to think and live like Christ and recognize and fulfill his/her obligations and responsibilities as a member of their family, school, community, nation, Church and world.

The school serves children from early childhood through 8th grade. For more information, visit our website at www.olphselma.org

Contact: Kirsch Wilberg, Principal
Ernie Gottfried, Assistant Principal
OLPH School, (210) 651-6811

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Council

OLPH School CouncilThe purpose of the OLPH School Council is to promote a Catholic School System with an excellent academic program founded on Christian virtues, directing students toward a conscious choice of living a responsible Catholic life. The Council formulates and prepares policies designed to educate children in a school environment that proclaims the Good News of Christ. In turn, this environment prepares our students to be responsible and active citizens, promotes a zeal for justice and peace, and creates an active faith community within our school. The School Council is responsible to the following entities.

Membership of the School Council consists of Pastor, Principal, the PTC President and from six to ten selected members. Monthly meetings are open to the parish community.

Contact: Kirsch Wilberg, Principal
OLPH School, (210) 651-6811

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parent-Teacher Club (PTC)

OLPH Parent Teacher ClubThe purpose of the OLPH PTC is to:

Membership in the OLPH PTC is open to the faculty and all parents and guardians of children enrolled in OLPH School. PTC Board members are elected from the membership. Meetings are held five times yearly, and members are notified by the School Newsletter.

Contact: Kirsch Wilberg, Principal
OLPH School, (210) 651-6811

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Child Development Center (CDC)

Child Development CenterThe Child Development Center (CDC) incorporates the Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten, Extended Day, and Summer Programs.


The Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten Program seeks to promote the maximum development of each child. It equally seeks to promote the child's religious development, intellectual development, perceptual and motor development, social and emotional development, and language development. We encourage an atmosphere where children can enter in free, creative play in small interest groups with a minimum amount of direction. We seek to give a child the chance to grow and develop as an individual, at his/her own rate of speed, by providing him/her with creative experiences and group activities with other children of his/her own age.

Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program is for children enrolled in OLPH School. Care is available in the mornings before school and after school at dismissal time. We provide a well-balanced program with age-appropriate activities, materials, and equipment. The Extended Day Program strives to provide a secure atmosphere for children when school is out and parents are not available to care for them.

Summer Program

CDC Summer ProgramThe Summer Program is open to all children ages 3-13. Activities include swimming, field trips, daily projects, theme days, and free play. To ensure that your child is enrolled in the Summer Program, please register by mid-April.

Contact: Claudia Ogrin, Director
OLPH CDC, (210) 651-6819